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Sunday, June 05, 2005

The Final Countdown

Yesterday was June 4th and about halfway through the day I realized, holy crap, it's June 4th. What's to holy crap about June 4th? Well, June 4th is exactly one month before July 4th and July 4th is when Grace is slotted to make her debut. Granted, I know her odds of actually making her grand entrance on that day are quite slim but nevertheless, it is still something to holy crap over.

We are busting our butts trying to get things ready. The thing that sucks is that we can't put anything off. It has to be done now or chances are, it won't get done for another 18 years. The bonus room is almost finished and so are the two upstairs bathrooms but the old switch-a-roo of Gavin and Grace's bedroom is a bit behind schedule. Plans are to give Gavin the front bedroom (the surfer-theme on a budget is coming along nicely) and to add a few girly touches to the nursery. We can't afford a whole new nursery so we want to do a few new things to make it Grace's own. Right now, though, we're storing all of Grace's stuff in Gavin's new bedroom all the while trying to turn it into Gavin's new bedroom. We can't really Grace-i-fy the nursery until Gavin is out of there. Add to the fact my belly is so big my belly button is garnering plenty of attention and my ankles have earned honorary cankle status, making any work extremely difficult, we have found ourselves behing schedule. Oh well, welcome to the rest of my life, I suppose!!

I had my 36 week check-up on Friday and here are my stats:

Fundal height- 37
Weight- ahh, what the hey..... all vanity is lost at this point: 162 pounds (I'm up 27 pounds and my goal is to only gain 30 since that is what I gained with Gavin and was able to lose fairly easy.... I'm right on track!)
Hemoglobin- 11.5 They told me it was WNL (within normal limits) but in my opinion it is a bit low. Lloyd made me a meatloaf. Yuummmmm, meatloaf.
Blood pressure: Can't remember but it was WNL

My doc gave me my signs of labor/what to do when labor starts sheet at my appointment and I about threw up for reasons other than morning sickness! I can't believe it is almost here. I never actually went into labor with Gavin (I was induced) so here's hoping I know labor when I feel it. It was pretty unmistakable when it is brought on my Pitocin so hopefully it will be the same just less painful. Of course, since I'm hypnobirthing, I'm not allowed to say contractions (I guess I can still type it) because they are surges or uternine waves. Also, I won't deliver Grace, I will birth Grace. I know, I know..... hippie mumbo jumbo.... but I can honestly tell a difference in the way I think about birth and heck, I'll wave my hippie flag high if it means I can do this without an epidural.

Well, Gavin should be waking from his nap soon and I need to grab a shower so that is all from here. Hope all is well with all of you. Calling all pregos...... send me an update!

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