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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Speaking of Ch-ch-ch Changes.....

Ok. So this blog has been on an itsy bitsy hiatus for the past 5 months. Life has been a little bit crazy since Gracezilla has been born. Mothering an exclusively breastfed infant and an extremely high needs, now sensory disordered and speech delayed two year old while working full time, taking care of a marriage and volunteering time on Babycenter has left me with zero time for anything else. Besides, since Grace has been born there are only two things I can talk about with zeal-

1. boobs
2. sleep

I didn't figure you all wanted to hear about my boobs (or did you, you freaky internet you) or the fact that I would give my left boob for some sleep. Sleep. Ahhhhh, sleep. The elusive slumber that escapes me night after night after night. Why don't I sleep? Please see #1 which brings me to the only other thing I can talk about besides sleep. Boobs. Basically it goes a little something like this. I have boobs. Baby wants boobs. ALL. NIGHT. LONG. I don't sleep.

Part of being a working, breastfeeding mom and abandoning my daughter for 9 hours a day means that I am taking away my daughter's only food source and primary source of comfort. To seek revenge she has become a reverse cycler. She takes enough expressed milk in a bottle to get her by when I'm at work and then attaches herself to the boob the minute I get home and will not let go until morning. So, not only am I pumping three times a day at work to keep up my daytime milk supply and provide expressed milk for home in case one day she decides to have mercy upon me and begin eating during the day, I am still breastfeeding 6-8 times a day. My boobs could win the breastfeeding Olympics. We have so much pumped milk we had to buy a deep freezer. Well, it was either the surplus of pumped milk or the $1.oo Totinos pizzas that required us to buy a deep freeze.

So, you are probably asking yourself what does the Gavinator do while I breastfeeding nonstop and organize pumped milk in the freezer. He watches tv. Yep, I am officially that mom now. I went from tv is evil and my child will only watch an hour a day to "Dear God child, go let the tv raise you like a good little boy". On the brightside, he now goes to speech therapy and physical therapy twice a week to address his speech delay and sensory issues (I stand corrected, my son was never possessed by demons, he is just unable to organize his senses giving the appearance of a demonic possession) so his therpists are offering the human parenting that I am unable to give. What do I do while he is at the therapists? Well, when I'm not working, I am there breastfeeding Grace wishing I was asleep.

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