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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Why I love my husband

I haven't mentioned this before but another annoying trait that my son apparently got from his Y chromosome is his fascination with the TV buttons. He loves to push the buttons and turn the tv on and off a thousand times in a row, turn the sound all the way down during integral parts of American Idol, turn the sound all the way up when I'm not in the room and busy doing something else (read: using the bathroom), and make the menu appear and scramble the tv to the point it can only be fixed when he, in his almighty 17 month old glory, feels like bestowing an unscrambled tv upon his loving parents. Lloyd just called me with the news. The tv is broken and we can't afford another tv. We. Can't. Afford. A. TV. I'm not taking any antidepressants during this pregnancy and if ever there were a time to be on a steady dose of antidpressants it would be when your husband calls to tell you your tv is broken you can't afford another one. However, Lloyd is always full of ideas and he has a plan! Never one to let me down, when he detected the pain in my voice he revealed his plan to me so I may have hope that we will one day soon get another tv. He told me if I would hurry up and get my pregnancy porn internet site up and running, we could afford another tv. Internet. Porn.

Anyhoo, feel free to send donations to the Buy Amanda a TV Fund!!

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Anonymous Gavinator's dad said...

Your husband rocks......sounds like he is always on his toes...thinking 2 steps ahead. Hell of a guy!!

11:03 AM  

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