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Monday, November 28, 2005

One of the Nicest Things Someone Ever Did For Me

Let me tell you all a story about Nikki G in honor of her birthday that just so happens to be the story of one of the nicest things someone ever did for me.

As you all know waaaaaaaaayyyyyy back in the spring of 2002 when I could talk about things other than boobs and sleep, I began the process of divorce from my first husband. Long story very short, it was a rough time for me. Especially seeing as how I was suddenly single in a new hole-in-the-wall town in a family-oriented subdivision and although I had lived in South Carolina for 3 years, I had spent most of my time up until then going to work and working out and I had no friends nearby. None. Nada. Zip. I had pretty much painted myself into a corner. A lonely, sad little corner.

I was at work one Thursday evening- working late because I didn't want to be alone- and I called Nikki G (who was living in NYC at the time) in what can only be described as a state of panic. I don't remember all the details of our conversation but what I do know is that Nicole hung up the phone with me and booked a flight to Greenville-Spartanburg airport for the very next day. Booked a flight. For the very next day.

I remember picking her up at the airport and she had purple hair and was wearing a teeny tank top with Biggie Smalls on one boob and Tupac on the other boob (told you all I can talk about is boobs) and she was the most beautiful sight I have ever seen. It was like she was an angel who had descended from the thugz mansion in the sky. We immediately drove to Waffle House and dined on fried food and proceeded to spend the weekend drinking coffee, eating pizza and donuts, coloring our hair, going to church, and talking. We talked a lot that weekend. Actually, I probably did a lot of talking and she did a lot of listening. I do know that Saturday night I fell asleep on the couch with her hugging me. I miss Nikki.

I know I thanked Nicole for that weekend but how do you really thank someone for something like that? How do you thank someone being that person. That person who 50 years from now you will think of as doing something so kind and so wonderful and made you feel loved even when you didn't love yourself. I don't know if I'm the kind of friend who deserves that kind of friendship but I do thank God for her. I think about what she did for me all the time and in the immortal of words of Wayne and Garth, I am not worthy ;)

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Anonymous Jenna said...

I know this entry is from over a year ago, but that's such an amazingly cool story. I hope she reads it. It would make me so incredibly happy if I could do something that good for a friend.

PS. You have an awesome sense of humor.

1:34 AM  

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