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Saturday, December 03, 2005

The Freaks Come Out At NIght

Woo hoo! The husband and I are going out tonight! Our first date since March. We're going to my company's Christmas party. Last year I won the grand prize- a digital camera. This year, I'll just be happy if I can go an hour without changing any diapers or feeding someone with a body part. That's the thing about never getting out into society- you forget how to act. I have no idea how to behave in social settings anymore (you may be asking yourself "what's new?" and let me remind you that nobody asked you!). I have my fingers crossed I don't try to spit wash my boss's face or burp the administrator. Who is the sucker who got conned into watching the little monsters while the husband and chow on free food and drink expensive liquor? Our neighbor, the wonderful Aunt Suz! She is just happy to have access to cable for a night. I don't know if a night of free cable is worth it but we love her for it!

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