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Sunday, December 04, 2005

What I Want For Christmas

The husband asked me to, so I'm making a list of everything I want for Christmas. All I really want is 36 hours in the day, to be a stay at home mom, a 7 day cruise with the husband once Grace is weaned, and 72 degree temperature all year round but alas, I'll make my list with the material goods available here on earth!

Ok, so not the most romantic gift but my I drink about a pot of coffee a day to endure all my sleepless nights and the teeth are taking the brunt of it. White smile, please.

Brown boots
Of course, my brown boots would be the Payless or Shoe Carnival version of these but I need some new brown shoes. Actually, what I really need is a visit from Stacy and Clinton and $5000 Visa check card with my name on it but in the meantime....

I collect jewelry from Laughing Mango designs and I would like a pair of the square cut glass bead earrings.

I was actually cruising the Homer Laughlin homepage for Fiestaware pieces I would like to have and I came across Baby's First Fiestaware and I have to have it for Gracie!

NOT the negligee , I want the body. This baby making business is rough on the old abdominals.

A new watch. Gavin broke my last Swatch.

Some new music. Not sure what but something new and something not lullabies or Little People related.

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