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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Fun and games

The Gavinator and the Goose had a playdate today with the daughter of a good friend of mine (you Feeding Choices Debate Board folks may know her as ansleymom04). The kids got along famously and had a great time playing together (well, seeing as they are one and two years old it was more like playing in the same room as each other) for a couple of hours. It was nice to have an adult to talk to while Gavin threw toys at me and I reffereed the sixteen million wrestling matches between the two G's.

After about an hour, my friend's daughter asked for pizza and Gavin got in on the act and started asking for pizza so my friend and I did what any two dietitians would do when confronted with two whiny toddlers demanding greasy goodness in the shape of a circle: we called Papa John's.

The next thirty minutes spent waiting on the pizza were the closest I have come to my college days since leaving West Virginia University back in 1999. The two toddlers morphed into drunken, sweaty frat boys at the end of a night of partying in serious need of massive quantities of pizza goodness. The stumbled around the house chanting Pizza! Pizza! Pizza! The longer they had to wait, the crankier they got and they started looking for a fight. Grace, being the freshman, took the brunt of their frustration. Fortunately, Papa John's arrived in under 30 minutes and the hazing of the Goose ceased.

After eating I tried to take a few pictures of the kiddos together. Grace had chilled out and was playing with a toy and my friend's daughter sweetly hugged Grace. I went to take the shot and realized that little brown toy that Grace was playing with was a turd! A chihuahua turd to be exact. I freaked and scared Grace to death when I sprung into action to detoxify her from the dog doo and she started crying and Gaving started crying and my friend took that as her cue to spare her child the madness that is my family and they left.

So like they always say, in the world of playdates, it's all fun and games until someone eats a chihuahua turd.

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