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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

She'll take her's to go

Tonight I was going through Grace's room looking for some of Gavin's old stuff to give to a coworker. Grace was "helping" me by going through all of the drawers in the changing table, throwing everything on the floor, and screaming when I put it all back.

Just as I was finishing up, Grace came across two Gerber pacifiers that I bought when the Gavinator was just a few weeks old. Gavin was never really into pacifiers but I was going crazy (and by crazy, I mean effing out of my mind nuts) having him attached to my boob 24/7 so the husband and I scoured Babies-R-Us for breastfeeding-safe pacifiers. We found the Gerber pacifiers that promised to mimic the mother's nipple and not interfere with breastfeeding so we bought them, boiled them, cooled and dried them, and offered them to the Gavinator who promptly spit them out. He never showed any interest at all in them even though the husband and I all but atempted to duct tape them to his mouth. Mimic a mother's nipples my ass... or so I thought.

I never even bothered introducing a pacifier to Grace but tonight, at the ripe old age of 16 months, she instanty fell head over heals in love with the two Gerber pacifiers. At first she just held them in her hands- she rolled them around and pinched and pulled at the "nipples"- and then she began sucking on one while "twiddling" the other. My first thought was that I felt REALLY sorry for the poor sap who was stuck nursing her and then, when I realized that her latch on the Gerber paci was the exact latch she used when nursing, my second thought was so sorry I ever doubted you, Gerber. Your pacis really do mimic the real deal Holyfield.

Grace ran around for a good half an hour sucking on one paci while twiddling the other. While the "girls" enjoyed the long overdue break (usually she is nursing on one and twiddling the other while attempting to run around), I think they were a little bit jealous. Just for kicks, I asked Grace if she wanted to nurse and she pushed me away and took off with her pacis.

Hmmmmmm, while I know that anecdote does not equal datum; I feel that my experience blows a big ol' hole in the breastfeeding = bonding theory. After 16 months of unlimited access to the boobages, just like that, the Goosers passed me up in favor of two dusty Gerber pacifiers.

I eventually took the pacifiers away which left her in one giant kicking and screaming puddle of Goose but at this stage in the game, I'm not going to encourage her to trade in one habit for another. Besides, I'm less portable so as she is gaining independence, she is losing interest (she has cut way back since my trip to KC) and hey, at least I provide some nutritional benefits.

Take that Gerber.

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Blogger Wendy said...

Wow!! She looks so lean and tall in that picture.

That is an interesting tale. I would have never thought that a child at this stage would go for a pacifier. Oh well, these kids are always keeping us on their toes.

I am thinking when to yank Sam's binky. I am new to this, too. Amber never took a binky. I am, also thankful that neither of my kids got into the twiddling. I think I would have weaned much earlier.

8:14 AM  
Anonymous thordora said...

Ros did the same thing. The pacifiers (those same ones) she didn't give a crap about as a baby she loved as a toddler.

i threw them out to be safe. I hate the look of th ebloddy things.

8:50 AM  
Blogger Amanda. said...

Yep, the Goosers is definitely stretching out. She is really tall for her age. I believe those pants are 2T. Oh, and don't even get me started on the twiddling. I can't stand it. Twiddling is definitely one of the main reasons I don't feel the least bit sad that she is starting to wean.

Thordora, I'm so with you- I hate the look of pacifiers. I know some kids have a strong urge to suck and if Gavin had taken one as an infant then one of my kids would have had a paci but I really can't stand how they look.

My neighbor is 6 and he still takes a paci. Drives me bonkers.

8:58 AM  
Blogger Abby said...

Both of my kids had binkies. Emma was three before she gave it up and Davis gave his up recently, about two and a half.

I would give another kid a binky again too. It kept them quiet when nothing else would. Davis had a very hich sucking need too and there was no way he was using me for that.

Huge fan of the binky. Sorry...

10:00 AM  
Blogger Amanda. said...

Don't be sorry, Abby! If Gavin had taken to one, believe you me I would have gotten over the "look" really fast.

10:03 AM  
Blogger Linka72 said...

Ok, Is it strange that at the age of 23, I "rediscovered" pacifiers. I would secretly pop one in while I was watching tv..quite comforting ya know.
OK, I've said too much..leaving, with my head hanging in shame now

I swear, Goose has the cutest clothes EVER!! I'm jealous.

11:10 AM  

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