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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Officially a Mom- Shizzolated

What a weekend. I have been so busy with housework and taking care of G, I have not had any time t0 think of anything remotely interesting to put on my blog (and if you're thinking "why start now" you can kiss it). G and I went to Walmart yesterday and I bought two things for Gavin: a new straw sippy cup and alphabet magnets. I showed them to Lloyd when I got home and he was extremely pleased to say the least that my anal, OCD-self bought my 17 month old two items that were intended for children 3 and up. Preggo brain.

Totally unrelated but someone also told me I'm "caustic". I don't know what caustic means. Those of you who do.... am I caustic? I hate it when people call me names and I don't know what they mean. There are lot of things I am, good and bad, and if caustic is one of them I would like to know.

Anyhoo, I have to run. Three more loads of laundry, G needs dinner and I need to work on some photo albums. Work has got to get done before 8:00 because there is an hour long Simpsons on tonight followed by a special on the first 5 years of Saturday Night Live. Whatever I am, the television Gods are smiling on my caustic ass.

Just for fun, check out the shizzolated version of Officially a Mom:

This made my day:

Last night Gavin wuz fussing so Lloyd told tha dude's ass "go play yo' balls" which Lloyd 'n I errupted in laughter 'n I wuz like "dude, yo' ass totally told yo' son play wit tha dude's balls", know what I'm sayin'?

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