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Sunday, March 13, 2005


The reason I went to Target (where I ran into Them) in the first place was to buy a pregnancy work-out video. It would appear as though I am having triplets- Grace gestating wonderfully in my belly along side a bag of skittles, and the other two babies gestating in each butt cheek. My first trimester days of no weight gain are long over and at my 22nd week appointment my doc was oh so kind to point out that I have already gained 17 pounds. "17 pounds!" I exclaimed. "Don't you want to call Guinness since I must be carrying the largest 22 week fetus/placenta combo". Alas, no call to Guinness is necessary as Grace and the placenta (isn't placenta a cool word?) do not account for the bulk of the weight gain. The twins residing in my rear do. I wonder if I should call Guinness about the twins gestating in my butt?

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