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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Einsteining- Guilty As Charged

As someone who has all too often turned to the magical powers of Baby Einstein for a little peace and quiet, I laughed my ass off over this bit by A Little Pregnant. In my defense, I only allow one video a day (nevermind the fact I turn the sucker on repeat play) and I use it so I can get some much needed housework done and nurse Grace for the umpteenth million time without big bro crawling all over us. I don't know why Peggy, Sarah and I never came up with the idea for Baby Einstein during our four years at WVU seeing as how the videos would have made for one awesome trip.

For your viewing pleasure.

Have the kiddos close while you watch because honestly, I think the Gavinator enjoyed this clip better than any Baby Einstein video out there. He cried when it was over so I had no choice but to hit repeat play.

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