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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Dare I brag?

This post is probably going to come back and bite me royally in the behind but Grace slept through the night last night. Of course, by "through the night" I mean she slept for 5 hours straight and it only happened after I ran the vacuum cleaner next to her cosleeper for 20 minutes to get her to fall asleep without the boob but hey, progress is progress, right?

I feel bad that I didn't take advantage of my FIVE WHOLE HOURS of uninterrupted bliss (and by take advantage I mean do several jager shots) but I'm so used to her waking up after an hour or two that I spent most of the time stressing out and dozing lightly on the couch. Lloyd dozed on the floor of the living room while I dozed on the couch because here is where cosleeping doesn't work for us. If Grace is sleeping in her cosleeper attached to our king size bed and we attempt to go to sleep in the bed, she wakes up. We don't make a peep. Not a peep I say. I have literally undressed in the hallway outside of our room, crawled on the floor to the bed. Slithered under the covers while holding my breath and held as still as a statue for all of 15 seconds until she starts sceaming. It is like she senses the parental presence and is not about to let us get off that easy. If parents are around her then we need to be nursing, rocking, or playing NOT sleeping.

I mean, what kind of parents are we to actually expect to sleep once in awhile? I almost ashamed and embarassed for her. Next thing you know we'll be showing up at her school functions drunk, half-dressed and making out. Good thing she nips our poor behavior in the bud now, right?

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Blogger Ally said...

Ooh, I'm keeping my fingers crossed. It's progress, that's for sure. Is this because of NCSS methods or sheer luck?

8:06 PM  
Blogger K said...

fingers crossed here, too.

Isn't it amazing what babies can sense while we think they are sound asleep. I'd wait in Henry's room until he was out for ten or fifteen minutes, then tiptoe to the door, and just as my big toe crossed the plane -- WAHAHAHA.

Sleep on G2, sleep on!

8:57 PM  

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