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Saturday, January 07, 2006

You've got the cutest little baby legs

I am so glad I stumbled across Mama C-ta's blog and discovered baby legs. At the risk of sounding like a high school cheerleader, these are the cutest things EVER! I ordered a couple of pair for Grace for Christmas and much to my surprise they fit over her very chubby thighs and not only do they stay up, the keep her socks on!

If only my fat ass looked this cute hanging out of my pants....

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Admiring her baby legs

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The not so fun part is that the Gavinator points to every single stripe (and there are about a million of them) and says "whassat, whassat, whassat" and I must name every color. Aqua, tangerine, pink, no wait, fuschia, green? Or is that sage?

Here is the boy wearing daddy's diaphragm cap (aptly named by me because it looks like a diaphragm... not that I would actually know considering I got pregnant three times in 2 years but it looks like what I think a diaphragm would look like). This is proof positive that pure evil comes in really cute packages-

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