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Saturday, December 31, 2005

The Milestones- they are a comin'

The goose sat unassisted for the first time this morning so New Year's Eve is already quite the party in our household. This is an achievement given Grace's ample size and the amount of fat that must be supported by muscle. Interestingly enough, New Year's Eve 2003 was the first time Gavin rolled over. Ahhhhh, New Year's Eve used to be celebrated with loads of liquor and the kissing of random boys in bars. Now it is a day of baby milestones. I know writing this will cause WVU to denounce me as an alumni but I do like the milestone celebrations far better.

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Just thought I would share what Grace's first unassisted sitting reminded me of. My sister had a t-shirt with Fat Cat Capsizing and that t-shirt ran through my head with every fall. Bad mommy. Baaaaaaad mommy!

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Blogger Jenn said...

I have almost the same picture of Michael the first time he sat unassisted - that stiff, falling over and slight look of suprise -- congrats!

8:00 PM  
Blogger Amanda said...

Thanks! I'm such a bad mom. All I could think was "fat baby capsizing" everytime she fell over (because of the Richar Watherwax print: fat cat capsizing ). Bad mommy!!

7:07 PM  

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