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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Mix Tape

So I was out in the garage the other day looking for Christmas cards and I found a mix tape I made way back in high school circa 1992. Since my car is THAT cool, I have a cassette player in it and I listened to in on my drive to and fro work today. Ahhhh, the memories and ahhhhh, the bad taste in music. Here are a few highlights.....

End of the Road (Boyz II Men)- Break-up song with high school beau.

I'd Die Without You (PM Dawn)- my and my high school beau's song (don't worry, I'm gagging, too)

Humpin' Around (Bobby Brown)- there is no excuse for ever liking this song but if memory serves me correct, it made for some awesome makeout music in the back of a Grand Cherokee at Foxchase

Casey Jones (Grateful Dead)- for a nanosecond I was a pseudo-hippie along with my BFF Kelly Kaufman.

These are the Days (Queen)- song I performed my senior dance final to. I still remember the routine and after enough seven and sevens, I'll be happy to perform it for you.

How You've Grown (10,000 Maniacs)- song Nikki G peformed her dance final to. Apparently, this was our practice tape.

I Did It For You (Kenny Loggins)- song my mom played for me when she was divorcing my dad (interestingly enough, it was the song he wrote for his daugher, Amanda, when divorcing his wife). Totally sweet sentiment on mom's part but dude, I lived with you and dad. No explanation for divorce required.

Closer I Am to Fine (Indigo Girls)- still an awesome song. I probably liked it then because it was catchy but I like it more now because I really dig the Indigo Girls.

Instant Karma (John Lennon)- I would like to say I had a moment of clarity in high school and actually liked good music but truth be known, Instant Karma was used in a 1992 Nike ad campaign and therefore, uber trendy. I was a sheep.

Dyslexic Heart- thanks in part to my obsession with the movie Singles, I had a deep and short lived love affair with all things Paul Westerburg. That song still rocks and it makes me think of Emily.

The Lullabye Song (Billy Joel)- I''m not sure why I liked this song so much but it means so much to me now. I nearly cried thinking of my kiddos. I guess I'm as cheesy now I was then. Nice to know some things don't change.

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