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Saturday, December 17, 2005

ICE! Unfortunately, not the bling kind!

We have been without power since about 3 am on Thursday morning compliments of an icn storm. We tried to tough it out at the house but around noon on Thursday, Gavin's lips turned blue and we knew it was time to head to warmer pastures. We found a hotel room about 45 minutes away but at $90 a night we could only afford to stay one night. By the way, two adults and two kids two and under crammed on a hotel room without cable is about the closest thing to hell on earth I have ever experienced- post partum hemmorhoids excluded.

Yesterday we returned to the house to find every house in the subdivision had power excpet for four- one of which was ours. I went to work briefly on Friday more or less to drop off the $150.00 worth of Omaha Steaks that were slowly thawing in our powerless deep freeze. The majority of my breastmilk stash was lost. All that work. All gone. I'm still trying to come to terms with it.

We stayed at our neighbor's house last night and there was another family there, as well, bringing the kid total to seven and the adult total to six. I'm sick with a cold and spend my nights breastfeeding Grace for hours on end so I was unable to participate in the party but I'm pretty sure that 3 or 4 bottles of wine were consumed in an attempt to cope with the cramped quarters! The power came back on yesterday around 9 pm but I was already in bed. I am so happy to be home even though it smells like sour milk and dog pee. I think I missed the computer most of all. What did I do before internet?

I have MISSED you internet! Let's never fight again, my schmoopy woopy!

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