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Monday, December 12, 2005

This is the part where I talk about boobs and sleep

I'm tired. My boobs are tired. I need sleep. My boobs need sleep. I don't know what to do besides sit here at the computer drinking a seven and seven while I should be sleeping. I thought for sure we would have made more strides with Grace's sleep habits (or complete and total lack thereof) by almost six months. A week after she was born and I was totally sleep deprived, I kept telling myself only 5 months and three weeks. 2 months after she was born and I was even totally-ier sleep deprived, I kept telling myself only 4 more months. Now 5 3/4 months after she was born and I am totally-est sleep deprived, I keep telling myself why the frickin'frack son of a motherless goat is she not sleeping at NIGHT unless she has one boob in her mouth and is playing tune in Tokyo with the other!! For some reason I had it in my head that by six months she wouldn't need me as the human pacifier anymore and she would actually take, oh I don't know, a 5 or 6 hour respit at night. All the sleep books say she should be sleeping at least 12 hours a night so I don't think 5 or 6 hours is too much to ask. She needs her human pacifier more than ever!

I just spent 2 hours trying to get her to fall asleep in her cosleeper and she wasn't having it. I tried heartbeat sounds, white noise, a light show on the ceiling.... I even laid on my bed and hung my boob over the cosleeper hoping she would fall asleep nursing in the cosleeper and somehow I would escape after she drifted off to sleep. She drifted off to sleep but I had barely reclaimed my boob for myself when she woke up howling. Don't tell the attachment parenting police on me but I let her cry it out for about 20 minutes while I gave Gavin a bath and put him to bed.

After Gavin fell blissfully to sleep in 2 seconds flat, I nursed Grace again and waited until she was totally asleep only to have her wake up screaming within one nanosecond of being placed in the cosleeper. She is now dozing in her swing and I say let the mechanical mother do her part. She can sleep in the swing for as long as she likes as far as I'm concerned. I won't worry until she tries to take it with her to college.

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Blogger Ally said...

Sleep deprivation is the worst. I'm sorry.

11:02 AM  

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