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Monday, January 02, 2006

New Years Resolutions

This mom's jeans skit from Saturday Night Live has been one of my biggest inspirations for staying in shape and staying as far away from a mom bod as humanly possibly. I refuse to look like a mom. My first Friday back at work after having Grace (we're allowed to wear jeans on Friday) someone told me I looked like a soccer mom and I nearly died. Nearly EFFIN died. My first day back to work after having Gavin I was asked out by a doctor and when I told him I was married and this was my first day back from maternity leave he told me I was quite the MILF and then we parted ways. I went from a MILF to a soccer mom in less than 2 years. How does that happen to a person? Oh, that's right. I know how. One gets pregnant three times in two years and gains and loses thirty pounds no less than twice and then breastfeeds (screw what science says, I don't lose weight while breastfeeding; I have the breastfeeding hunger) all at the expense of one's own waistline.

Don't get me wrong, the G-unit is totally worth every single imperfection in my figure but I long to be the svelte size 4-6 I was when I first met Lloyd. My weight has been all over the map since college. I was always thin and was probably a size 6-8 in highs school but then I went to college and apparently I was an overachiever because I didn't gain the freshman 15; I gained the freshman 40. I loved drinking and the only thing I loved more than drinking in college was the All-American meal at McDonald's (cheeseburger, fries, and a small drink for $1.99). My friends and I hung out at the Brass Alley Pub where they provided free wings and pitchers of beer to underage freshman and badda-boom-badda-bing: 40 pounds on the frame.

It was weird to be overweight when for so many years I was used to being thin. I had reverse anorexia. I would look in the mirror and there would be a fatty-watty-bo-batty but I saw the size 6 chic of my past. My weight yo-yo'd in college vascilating with my partying ways. I should add that despite my partying, beer-drinking, and pot smoking ways I remained quite the intellect (I graduated with a 4.0 GPA- who's your daddy, beeeeeeyachhhh!) and on nights off from the bars I stayed up late studying at the student union munching on Biggie fries, peanut M&M's, sugar laden coffee.

After college, I moved to South Carolina, joined a gym, gave up my partying ways and lost all the weight. I lost it all after having Gavin but since having Grace, and extra ten pounds has been hanging on and making me feel like such a mom. I can still squeeze into my size 6 jeans but I have a muffin top and it makes me sad. It has only been six months since she has been born but I can't keep using the "I just had a baby" excuse forever. I have an intense fear of letting myself go because I am a mom.

Truth be told, I have let myself go since becoming a mom. All my interests, all my free time, all my everything have just been let go for my kids and I'm ok with that but my waist- that's all me. I refuse to let that go. I resolve to lose the baby weight and to kick the ass of the person who called me a soccer mom. So let it be written. So let it be done.

Me in college (next to a keg and Sarah. Yep, that's about right)

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Me and Lloyd before kids

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Me when Gavin was 8 months old

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Me now (no body shots, thank you very much)

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Blogger rmcgervey said...

I think we met in college at some point. At least I recognize the person next to the keg there. Of course, as a bartender in Motown for many years (Nyabingh, Gibbies, BW3, Foxfire, Lakeview etc.etc.etc.) over the years, it's also possible you were just a good customer at some point! :) I'm also a WVU biology and then law grad too though...

Thanks for checking out my photos, and very nice blog you have there!

Cheers, Rich

10:27 AM  

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