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Monday, January 09, 2006

Putting that backfield in motion

This album freakin’ rocks. Lloyd surprised me with it on Saturday and I shook what my mama gave me (much the amusement of my children) while listening to it all day on Sunday.

Here’s two ways to know that you’re thirty:

You describe a Mary J. Blige CD as “it freakin’ rocks”


You are sore at work on Monday from shaking what your mama gave you to aforementioned cd

MJB da MVP (track ten) is classic “What’s the 411” MJB and totally reminds me of cruising Kanawha City with Nikki G in Michelle Gibson’s Pulsar. Wine cooler, anyone?

Track 16 is a duet with U2 of One (Achtung Baby) and just when I thought I couldn’t like the song One anymore than I already do, I hear this version.

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