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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Don't turn your back for a second

Here are the monsters playing sweetly together....

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This is the result of taking your eyes off the monsters for a seond...

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No, they don't make Fiestaware. Look closely. Closer. Cloooooooser. See that chunk of sandy blond hair? That is a hunk of Grace's hair on the plate. My brand new Fiestaware color only served as a backdrop. The Gavinator ripped Goose's hair out.

Underneath this adorable exterior lies evil. Pure eeeeeeeeeeeeeevvvvviiiiiiiiilllll.

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Blogger Ally said...

But he's so adorable! They both are. The joys of having a sibling.

I love that Fiestaware color, I've been coveting it myself but we really don't need anything so I've be denying myself.

9:31 AM  
Anonymous Mama C-ta said...

Ouch poor thing! But are those babylegs she's wearing?? Love 'em. Hope you get some sleep soon!

9:17 PM  

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