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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Saturday Sweet Saturday

I haven't talked about sleep in awhile so here goes: I GOT SLEEP!!!!!! I got a good 8 hours sleep last night with only one interruption. I needed sleep more now than ever. Can I just tell you, internet, that I dryed 3 loads of laundry yesterday without ever putting laundry in the dryer (imagine my dismay when I opened the dryer three times after hearing the buzzer and nothing was in there) AND I spent a good 20 minutes pissed off while trying to open a bag of shredded cheese because I was trying to open it from the wrong end! This morning, I feel like a new person! The sky is bluer! The birds chirp louder! Food is tastier! Diapers are slightly less smelly! Dude, sleep rocks, man. Seeing as how sleep begits sleep, I made sure Grace took a long nap yesterday and I even managed to squeeze in a Pilates video (my abs and thighs are still quivering) and I know this contributed to my peaceful sleep, as well. She is stll napping in her swing but baby steps, internet, baby steps. I have been following some of the principles set forth in the NCSS and this was Grace's routine last night-

Nurse- 6:30
Bath- 7:00
Bed- 7:20
Nurse- 12:00
Nurse- 5:00
Awake- 7:15

She fell asleep on her own at 7:20 with no boobies or rocking required. At her midnight feed, I refused to get in bed with her and I statyed awake to nurse her so I could put her back down in the cosleeper. That was always the one caveat; I was too tired to stay awake and nurse her so I brought her into bed with me for that first feeding and while in the short term we would get some sleep, this began nightlong nursing session that interrupted our sleep and upset her belly. I'm all about cosleeping but it just wasn't working for us. Thanks to NCSS, I found the inspiration I needed to stay wake for that first feeding. I was also psyched because I figured if I was up around midnight I could catch some Saturday Night Live (something I haven't done in ages) but the damn Olympics were on. Damn Olympics. Side note: am I the only American who didn't watch any of the Olympics? Other than to catch up on the catfight between Chad and Shani, I didn't watch a minute of them. Anyhoo, at the 5:00 feed I did bring her into bed with me but she nursed and fell right back to sleep and we could snuggle together since I wasn't sore and awake from nursing all night and her belly wasn't upset from overeating in an attempt to use me as a paci. It's not the quantity of snuggling but the quality and we had some quality snuggling from 5-7. Now if only Grace had a crib instead of the cosleeper so we could put her in her own room and Lloyd and I could go back to sleeping in our bed instead of in the living room, life would be excellent.

On a Gavinator note, his newest word is "pee pee" which he says like a little drunk Frenchman. Imagine oui oui, French accent and all, with a "p" in front of it. He will occasionally go pee pee in the potty but more often than not he points and says "pee pee" to show me where on the carpet he has peed after I discover his naked body running through the house. This morning I was enjoying sleeping so much I have no idea when Gavin awoke but it was obviously some time before me. I entered his room to find my naked, drunken Frenchmen bouncing on his bed, pointing at a large wet circle in the carpet yelling "pee pee! pee pee!". Who cares, I got sleep. Even pee stains rock when you've gotten your first 8 hours of sleep in 8 months!

Off to buy a crib!

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Blogger Ruth said...

Sweet blog....GOOD blog....Cherish these years...all these years with your children and being a mom will be some of your sweetest memories...and if you're really lucky, you'll get to do it again with wonderful grandchildren! Two pieces of advice: 1. SLEEP when you can! and 2. Remember always, this too shall pass...nothing with your babies/children will last more than 3 months and it will be something new...there WILL be relief! Enjoy your beautiful's all worth it!

9:52 AM  
Blogger Vienna said...


I am SO GLAD to read this post, Amanda. Seriously, I was totally thinking of a BBC intervention.

I am glad you are rejuvinated. For the record, Jack slept really well, but wasn't sleeping through what I consider the whole night (8-6) until he was 10 months old. Ending cosleeping improved his sleep from 1-2 hours to 3-4 immediately and a routine (a la NCSS, but we still rock to sleep) helped him go the rest of the way we think.

Good for you and Goose!

10:39 PM  

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