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Tuesday, February 21, 2006


That's it. Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh. Every time I look at this picture of my nephew asleep in the snow, I just say a mental "aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh". I remember those winter days in West Virginia spent playing in the snow when it was 20 degrees on the outside but inside your snowsuit it was more like 80 degrees. You would hold your pee for 12 hours before you would go inside (or maybe you wouldn't hold it.... perhaps that is why the snowsuit was so warm..... not that I would know.... I'm just sayin'...) and later, your muscles would ache from all the trips up the hill to just slide back down.

Playing in the snow is exhausting work and my nephew fell asleep being pulled in a sled. I Picasa'd the picture up a bit and I really love it. It makes me wistful not only for days spent playing in the snow, but also for sleep. Aaaaahhhhhh, the elusive slumber.

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