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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Don't I know you?

When the fam and I were in Redneck Riveria at the Pavilion, I ran into someone I knew from college. Or rather, someone who knew me from college. I stepped off the Caterpillar with the Gavinator and a fellow rider came up to me and said "Hey! Where are you from?". I told him "Here. Well, on the other side of the state..." He told me "never mind" and started to go on his way and I said "... but I went to West Virginia University (this year's third ranked Best Party School... suh-weet!)."

It turns out he did too and we spent the next couple of minutes trying to figure out how we knew each other. Mutual friends? Nope. I mentioned Peggy, Sarah, and Nikki G. and they didn't ring a bell. Neighbors? Nope. I lived in Sunnyside and he lived in South Park. Classes? not it. He was an English major and I was all about science, nutrition, and business.

So we parted ways and the Gavinator and I continued to tear up the rides. A little while later we ran into him again. I had the Gavinator on my back, kicking me in the ribs to go faster like I was his personal mule, and the dude told me it was killing him that he couldn't place me. He remembered my name was Amanda and we continued trying to find common ground. Finally he told me that he used to work at Ooie Gooies- a food court type place in our Mountainlair student union.


He worked at Ooie gooies and I was a fat ass who used to eat at Ooie Gooies (come on, with a name like Ooie Gooies, how could I NOT eat there?) like once, twice, sometime three times a day. He made and sold banana muffins and pepperoni rolls and I consumed banana muffins and pepperoni rolls. We had the perfect symbiotic relationship.

This whole scenario begs to ask the question: DUDE!!!!! How big of a stoner fat ass did you have to be to have the guy working the counter at Ooie Gooies- a cafe in the student union of a University with 20,000+ students- remember your name after 9 years!!???!!!! Never mind the fact I've dropped like 40 pounds since college, grown my bangs out, and instead of an black LL Bean backpack emblazoned with my initials, I now sport a two year old on my back. The dude STILL recognized me!!!

Such is my legacy at WVU. Sure, my thesis may be collecting dust on some out of the way shelf in a random library on one of the many campuses that comprise WVU but my habits and the resulting food frenzy that ensued live on today- as fresh as a banana muffin itself- in the heart of one Ooie Gooie worker. For that, I am proud and I'm standing just a little bit taller.


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Blogger karrie said...

What really gets me is when I'm travelling and people actually remember my name.

We went to VT last weekend and stopped in a town in NH on the way home to have dinner and walk around. I saw a woman who looked kind of familiar, but didn't think much of it. She later walked up to me in a toy store and said "Hi Karrie!" Then I remembered that her name was Susan, and she had been friends with my younger sister when they were kids. It has to have been at least 15 years and twice as much weight and lines on my face since I've seen her.

8:15 AM  

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