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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Fun with breastfeeding

Last night the family and a friend took the Gavinator to the fair for his birthday (tons of pictures to come very soon) and on our way home we stopped to get ice cream. I got kiddie cones for the kids and my friend got a giant, chocolate-y waffle cone. The Goose finished her kid cone in a nano-second and turned her eyes (and stomach) on her new best friend- the person with giant, chocolate-y waffle cone.

Goose leaned in for a giant bite out of the cone and put her entire face from nose to chin inside the waffle and right as she was was pulling her face out of the cone I was all "dude, her mouth was totally on my boob earlier. You know what's on your ice cream now? My boob."

Good times.

p.s. tons of Firm, preschool, and NYC trip updates to come!!!!


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