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Thursday, March 17, 2005

They're Here!!!

Living with Gavin is like living with a poltergeist. Granted, a very cute poltergeist who screams a lot but still, a poltergeist. His new habit is rearranging the furniture and I kid you not, the child is fast. Just this evening I went into a kitchen free of non-kitchen furniture to rinse off dishes only to turn around and find a chair from the family room and the mat from the foyer set up behind me. I must admit, however, he has an eye for design. It is a little creepy, though, considering I never even heard a thing!!! Shouldn't I hear my 18 month old child rearranging furniture? What is even creepier is what if he isn't a poltergeist? What if best case scenario is going to turn out to be the next Vern Yip? Or worst case scenario the next Christopher Lowell? Ayi yi yi!!

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