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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Why I Don't Get to Blog as Often As I Would Like

This is me attempting to blog and chat on the computer last night. Rrrrrrriiiiiiggggghhhhhtttt. I seemed to have sprouted a rather wiggly and grumpy tumor out of my back during my oh so brief time on the 'net who demanded me to get out of the chair and fetch the 145th handful of cheerios of the day. I know I'm bigger than him and on some days, I'm smarter than him so why is he the boss?? He is freakishly strong for an almost 19 month old. Plus, we can't forget disciplining Gavin means watching a child's head spin around while puking pea soup, all crucifixes within a 15 mile radius flipping upside down, the seas turning blood red, and screams....... oh dear God the screams....... that are so are so excruciating to hear that I don't doubt Grace is in my belly thinking I don't know who you people are or what you're doing to that boy, but I ain't ever comin' out.

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Looking good mama

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