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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Home sweet home.

We're back.

I'm exhausted.

So much to blog about but the contacts are all dried out and visual acuity is somewhat required for posting blog entries. What? I've read my own blog. Hence, the somewhat.

Some of the highlights of the trip occurred during the 8 hour drive home today. We stopped at a rest area so I could #2 (the first #2 in a WEEK! Once I cross state lines, the internal plumbing ceases to operate). I came back to a grinning Gavin who informed me that "mommy dropped duece". Charming.

Later, after Gavin has spent a good ten minutes spitting all over Grace, Lloyd turned to me and said "I can't wait until she is old enough to smack in the face". I totally agreed. I have to wonder, though, if it is ever appropriate for parents to wish one child was old enough to smack the other child in the face? Who cares. The big brother. He deserves a major ass-kicking sister style one of these days.

Finally, Grace was crying while Gavin was trying to watch his DVD and Gavin screamed "HUSH! Hush, baby, hush!". This is funny because that is how we yell at the dog when she barks. Careful what you say. They're listening and one day, they won't be speech delayed.

The ride home, of course, was puncuated by my performing nursing yoga in the backseat. Good times. Nothing like squeezing my 5'7" frame in between two Britaz carseats while cruising 70+ miles an hour during an interstate and leaning over one of the aforementioned carseats with a boob hanging out. Some truckers are going to have an awesome story to tell their friends and family tonight and if you're one of those trucker, you're welcome.

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Blogger Judy said...

Ah, one of the things I love about our van - blinds in all the windows. So, when necessary to whip it out in the back to nurse, I don't have to give the truckers a show (but might if I feel like it).

And glad I'm not the only one whose dear hubby is teaching the boys great things. As I got ready to change a diaper the other day, Guthrie announced he'd "dropped a load." Eric had a huge smile. So, so grown up. Who's the bigger kid, right?

12:38 PM  
Blogger K said...

Ha! I share the plumbing issues. My system knows when home base is not near and completely shuts down. Its as if toliets outside of my zip code offend my intestines delicate sensibilities.


Welcome back -- missed getting my news of all things g.

7:18 AM  

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