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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

It's like... only better

I am exhausted this morning. No, it’s not because I was nursing or rocking babies all night or because I ate and drank my weight in burgers and beer at my neighbor’s cookout last night (side note: if I had nursed Grace last night after the amount of alcohol I consumed, I guarantee her early admittance letter to WVU would have arrived today).

It’s because I was up late myspace surfing.

Ahhhh, myspace. You addictive little corner of the web, you. With your silly little page layouts, “”Rock You” montages, song downloads, and glitter graphics. You had me at me at log in.

Myspace surfing is like people watching. Only better. And instead of a bench, there is a computer chair… and instead of a mall or a park or some other random place great for people watching, it’s a computer… and instead of just watching you can look at pictures and profiles… and read what the people are saying… and see where they are from… and find out where they went to college… and where they work… and how much they make… and how many kids they have… and… and…

Ok, fine. Myspace surfing is nothing like people watching. Actually, it is probably a closer relative to stalking than people watching but whatevah.

It started so simply. I heard all the hub-bub about myspace on the news so I checked it out and thanks to their search function, I found a couple of people I knew. By reading their “spaces” and seeing their “friends”, I found more people I knew. From there, I just clicked on people on their “spaces” who looked kind of interesting and it turns out they had “friends” who looked even more interesting so I clicked on them. Then, somebody wrote something funny on their “space” so I clicked on them. And so on and so on. It’s really quite amazing.

Ok, to define anything even remotely associated with myspace as amazing is quite a stretch but I think it is fun (side note: since having two children in two years I have been pretty much been held captive in my own home so my perception of that is "fun" may be slightly skewed). And addictive.

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Blogger alimum said...

do you have a myspace or friendster page you would like to share with the blogosphere? so that we all can inundate you with "be my friend" requests?

c'mon, you know you want to...

12:48 AM  
Blogger Amanda said...

No... but I want one! I created a fake page just so I could log-in and view pictures and videos and all that stuff (I know, I'm a sick, sick person).

Do I smell a project???

8:21 AM  

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