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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Sign 'O the times

On my way to work this morning- just as I was getting ready to make the right turn out of my subdivision- a school bus pulled up and did its whole little flashing lights, high-pitched beeping, and sticking out the stop sign number. I sat and waited at the stop sign because turning right would have meant that I went by the school bus, therefore running the school bus’ stop sign.

Because when a school bus sticks its little stop sign out it’s a, you know, stop sign and well, you’re supposed to stop at it.

I know it. You know it. The American people know it (or at least they should). But rednecks? They don’t know it.

As I sat there waiting for the school bus to suck its stop sign back in, three cars came from the opposite direction as me and took a left turn, past the school bus, and straight past the school bus’ stop sign. The bus driver hung his head out the window and yelled at each of the cars and I honked but the cars and the rednecks who manned the cars just kept on going.

I called the husband because I was so furious (because, you know, driving while talking on a cell phone is much safer than running a school bus’ stop sign) and told him what had happened. He asked if I was serious and I was all “hell yeah, I’m serious” and we agreed, once again, that our neighbors are rednecks.

“You know what this means??” I asked him.

“No. What?”

It’s sign makin’ time!" I told him.

That’s right. It’s on.

A cute picture of the Gavinator and the Goose to whoever can come up with a catchy and grammatically correct slogan to put on a sign that express my dislike for rednecks who run school bus stop signs.


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Anonymous Amy said... 'bout this:

STOP! It's a four letter word. I'd expect you to understand that!

1:44 PM  
Blogger Amanda said...

LOL! Good one, Amy!

Do you know I watched the exact same thing happen this morning (different rednecks, though)!?! What is wrong with people??????

9:03 PM  

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