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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Nine Years

These are all me from 1991-1999; tenth grade through second year of graduate school. Check out those bangs!!! Suh-weet!! Looking back at me through the years I'm not sure which I enjoyed more: watching my cheeks grow and shrink or watching my hair color change. One thing is for sure, I LURVED me some flannel!

Can you put them in order???


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Anonymous thordora said...

I've had bangs once. I look like a moron with bangs.

I'm VERY glad I don't have a photographic record of my "freak" years....

I shaved my head. I have a fat head. You can fill in those blanks.

10:17 AM  
Anonymous Karen said...

Oh yeah, you gotta love those bangs. When my kid has 90's dress up day at school I'm just going to say, "Bangs honey, lots and lots of bangs..."

2:27 PM  
Anonymous karrie said...

These crack me up. Especially the picture of you in the driver's seat.

4:17 PM  
Blogger Amanda. said...

Ha! Thordora, I insist you post pics of your shaved head! Ok, I don't insist, I'm asking nicely... purty please :)

Bangs rule!

Come on, let's see some 90's pics out of the rest of you!

7:16 AM  
Blogger Amanda. said...

BTW, picture on the far left in the middle row? Me with crazy reddish hair and flannel. Do you remember the show "My SO Called Life"? Yeah, well, that was MY FAVORITE show EVAH and when Angela dyed her hair, I was quick to follow suit.

Admit it... you think I'm cool. Admiiiiiiit iiiiiiiiiiittttt!!

8:40 AM  

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