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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

30 Week Update

Well, T-minus ten weeks and counting. Well, knowing my uterus, t-minus twelve weeks and counting. I had my doctor's appointment yesterday and all is well. Grace was head down but considering I have felt her hiccups by my ribcage all day, I would say she has flipped around since then. Her heart rate was perfect and aside from the fact I'm the Incredible Expanding Woman, all is well with me. It is kind of weird because in comparing my chart with Gavin's pregnancy to this pregnany, all my numbers are practically the exact same. My weight gain month to month is the exact same, the results of my glucose tolerance test are the exact same and my hemoglobin levels have been the exact same. Queen of consistency... that's me.

Lloyd has been busy preparing the house and the bonus room has been painted a sunny yellow (I'll post pics as soon as we are done with it) and he is getting ready to start on Gavin's room. He is going to have a surfer theme and for the record, I came up with the idea to do his room in a surfer theme MONTHS before the most recent Pottery Barn Kids magazine came out with all the surfer stuff. PBK ripped me off! Just so we have that straight. Here is what his bedding will look like:

We're trying to decide what to paint his room (I'm thinking of blue but blue is so not original) and what color curtains to use (I like either orange or purple but Lloyd has vetoed both colors). Any suggestions? I painted some wooden letters that spell GRACE pink and I plan on hanging them by ribbon over her crib. Thank goodness we aren't naming her Alexandria or something. Geez, I am so not artsy craftsy. Besides, I'm in charge of growing the baby. I'm doing enough!

Gavin has learned how to take off his diaper. I was on the phone with Lloyd the other day and he said he needed to get off the phone fast because Gavin had taken of his diaper and was pushing it around in his dump truck. Hee hee.... that's some kind of load he was carrying. Gavin and I have both gotten the worst haircuts of our lives in the past two weeks. Ugh... I have total mom hair. It is so short and choppy and if I hear one more time how practical this haircut will be when I have two kids I swear I'm going to hurt someone. I'm sory but there is nothing more easy to take care of than pony-tail friendly hair. Wash, towel dry, pull back in a pony tail. Voila... I'm ready for work. Now I actually have to style my hair and use products and special brushes and bobby pins and ugh..... grow hair grow! Gavin's bad haircut is his own fault. He wouldn't quite screaming and having a nervous breakdown long enough for the chic to even remotely do anything even to his hair. She just buzzed it all off and did absolutely no trimming around his ears or in the back. Lloyd and I evened it up a bit at home but the minute he hears the sound of the clippers he just loses it. He has the same aversion and reaction to fingernail clippers and tooth brushes. My little boy is one very difficult person to groom. Lloyd is in desperate need of a haircut but since bad things happen in threes, I think he'll be sporting his That 70's Show hair do for a few more weeks. Maybe someone else we know will get a bad haircut and he'll feel safe to get one of his own.

Until next time!!!!

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