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Monday, April 24, 2006

G-mail #10

Halloooooooo, everyone! It’s official! I’ve hit the double digits! That’s right, I’m TEN months old. Actually, seeing as how I’m a little late getting the old g-mail out, I’m ten months and three days old. So sorry this is late but I’m a busy little girl. So many people to see, places to go, cheerios to eat, and diapers to poop in. I am loving the warm weather! Mommy, brother, and I go on a walk and play outside every evening. All of our neighbors are outside so I’m starting to spend more time with more people and guess what? I’m not afraid of strangers any more! I used to cry when people juts looked at me but people are really cool and they say such sweet things about me! Of course, they always have to pinch my cheeks or my legs and that is getting a little old but what can I say? I’m pinchable! I am slowly but surely getting a little less pinchable. I’m starting to grow into all my chub so people better get it while it’s hot. According to my doctor and my mommy, at 24 and a half pounds and 30 and a half inches, I am totally OFF the growth chart but for the first time, my weight for length is on the growth chart. What that means to all you not up on growth charts is that I’m proportionate. Whew, that’s a big word for a little lady!

Well, aside from the awesome weather, the highlight of this month was going to West Virginia and seeing Pa and Great Grandma again and meeting all my family and friends. Are you ready for this? This is everyone I met: Sarah, Peanut, Gabe, Patrick, Peggy, Jon, Emma, Jake, Brody, Cathy, Mike, Isabella, Emily, Christian, Jennifer, Xander, Roberta, Aunt Rachel, Uncle Scott, Brittany, Colin, Lisa, Max, Erik, Jennifer, and Jaxon. That’s a lot of people to love and miss, huh? Mommy tells me there are even more people I need to meet and love on this summer! I’m one lucky little girl! I’m especially lucky because all of mommy’s friends have little boys and they are some cutie patooties! I know big brother is betrothed to Isabella but I’m still not sure who I’m gonna be betrothed to! Christian was a little forward for my tastes but he is really cool and so funny. Peggy would be a really cool mother-in-law and Jake and Brody are awfully sweet but Patrick and Gabe can give them a run for their money! Then, of course, there’s Max and he is from Norway and there is just something about a baby who coo’s with an accent!

Me and Pa
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Me and Christian
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All of us
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Me and Max
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Mommy had a great time in Charleston. She hung with all her old buds and met some of her Babycenter buds and she actually had a night out downtown. Don’t worry, I didn’t let her off the hook. I was awake and crying for her when she got home at 1:30 am!!! The nerve of her! Doesn’t she know I like my milk promptly at 1:00?????

Mommy is now the tall one AND the one with a singleton!
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Mommy should have been nursing me…. Not nursing that seven and seven!!
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Mommy and her Babycenter buds
Image hosting by Photobucket

I may have been rough on mommy in West Virginia but I am sleeping more and more. On my ten month birthday I slept ten hours straight- an all-time best. I usually sleep 6-8 hours straight in my own room before making mommy come and get me so I can sleep with her. Mommy is feeling so much better since I let her sleep. Also, big brother and I are getting along really well. He is starting to talk more and more and that is easier on all of us! He is my bestest friend!

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I celebrated my first Easter! Mommy took us to Aunt Heather’s and we went to the Bunny Bash and I had my very first picnic. I had so much fun playing with Ally and Maddie. I can’t wait until I see them again. Hopefully mommy will take me up there again real soon. On Easter Sunday, we had dinner over Aunt Sue’s house! It was a lot of fun. I didn’t get to eat any of the meal but it looked like mommy enjoyed it and I was content to munch on cheerios and plastic Easter eggs. I still nurse and eat mostly baby food but I’m beginning to eat more big people food. I had spaghetti and I loved it and big bro likes to share his Mighty Bites with me. I started eating yogurt this month- YUMMY- and peas are still my favorite food. I could eat peas morning, noon, and night. Makes sense since mommy calls me her sweetpea!

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Well, that’s all from here. We’re enjoying springtime and I hope all of you all are too!

Love you,

The Goosers.

Bear Compare

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