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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Photo Skills

Some of my newest photo creations...

Who knew that my camera had macro? Not me! A month or so ago someone on Flickr suggested I do a photo in macro and I was all "I don't know nothin' about no macro" and "is that somethin' on Photoshop?" and they were all "no, it is a feature on the camera" and I was all "my camera doesn't have macro" but then I picked up the instruction manual for my camera and lo and behold, my camera has macro!

I have had the camera for two years and have never read the instructions. In fact, I rarely read the instructions to anything. I'm the shake it up and let the pieces fall where they may kind of person. Perhaps I'm not as technologically impaired as I once thought. Queen of half assing? Yes. Tech impaired? Maybe not. It is amazing what you can do when you actually read the instructions.

My mother's ring

This is my newest photoshopped photo entitled "That's beautiful; what is that? Velvet?" It is kind of sort of sucky with the yellow splotchy legs but I really like the crop and the composition and I think the skirt turned out well. I was going for a glowy, warm sheen to the legs (to hide the fact I haven't shaved in a week and I have bruises all over my legs) But I missed the mark. I'm proud of it nonetheless.

Day 34: "That's beautiful; what is that?  Velvet?"


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Anonymous Sunny said...

Love it!

3:55 PM  
Blogger Kara said...

great shot!

3:59 PM  
Blogger Wendy said...

I would like to know how you do all those self portraits. How do you set up the camera to get you in the frame?

9:30 PM  
Blogger Amanda. said...


Wendy, I don't. I'm holding hte camera in each and every capture I have taken. I don't have a tripod and I have no idea how to work the timer. Perhaps I have long arms... LOL!

9:41 PM  
Blogger Wendy said...

I guess I will have to experiment. My brother calls me T-Rex, you know because they have short arms.

12:24 PM  

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