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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Officially Mother's Day

I definitely brought Mother's Day to a whole new level. I'm so tired from mothering that I can't even bring myself to blog about it. My day went a little something like this:

7:00- shower, get dressed
7:40- get Gavin up, dressed and fed
8:30- get Grace up, dressed and fed
9:00- Play
10:00- Pack the diaper bag and load the kids in the car and head to church
10:30- Meet the husband at church and attend meeting regarding baby dedication
10:50- drop Gavin off at kid's church
11:00- see phone number flashed on big screen and go rescue Gavin (or rather the volunteers) from the evil that is kid's church
11:10- send the husband to try and convince Gavin that being in kid's church is a good idea and he totally needs his daily does of Vitamin J.C. to spare him from sure eternal damnation
11:20- give up and find neighbor to watch Gavin so Grace can be dedicated
11:30- Grace's dedication
12:00- pose for family photo, say goodbye to the husband before he goes back to work, and hit the road
12:20- McD's drive-thru (shut up)
12:40- Lunch, play
2:00- put Gavin down for a nap but only after allowing him to use my body as a highway for his plethera of toy trucks for about 30 minutes
2:10- put Grace down for her nap
2:15- clean three bathrooms and do two loads of laundry
3:00- lie on couch
3:01- rescue a screaming Grace from the evil that is naptime (did I mention the ten billion dollars??????)
3:02- nurse Grace for about 2 hours straight
5:00- take the kids on a 3 mile walk
6:30- feed Gavin dinner
6:45- ask Gavin if he loves me to which he responds "cheese". Assume that since Gavin loves cheese more than life itself that must mean that I am somewhat held in the same regard as cheese in his book and pat myself on back.
7:00 nurse Grace
7:15- hit repeat play on Teletubbies DVD to buy 2 minutes of peace
8:00- bathe the kids and put them to bed.
8:45- Blog.

Although I should mention that Gavin referred to his butt today as his "booty" and if that ain't the best Mother's Day present then I don't know what is.

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Blogger Ally said...

Aw, Happy Mother's Day!

10:01 AM  
Blogger Jill said...

Oh well...happy mother's day!!!

11:10 AM  
Blogger Melissa said...

GAWWW. If there was a "competition", you won it for the day!!!!

1:49 AM  

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