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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Booby Clip

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Pacifier clip. Keeps the paci in reach at all times so the kid can just grab it and have a suck, suck here or a suck, suck there whenever the mood strikes. Great idea, right? Great idea for a paci-addicted kid but what's a boob-addicted kid to do? More importantly, what's the mother of a boob-addicted kid to do?

I know if the Goose had it her way she would invent a booby clip so either lefty or righty was with her at all times. Actually, since her newest preferred method of nursing is "a little off the right, a little off the left, little more off the right, perhaps another suck or two on the left, back to the right, but wait! Is lefty jealous? Better give it another round. Hmmmm, are they uneven? Back to the right. Did I start with the left or the right? Better nurse off of lefty one more time for good measure", she would probably invent the "Booby Clip Duo" so both lefty and righty could be firmly attached to her and in reach at all times.

I could just trail along behind her because it's not like I have anything else to do, right? No other children, no job, no house to clean, no interests to pursue, and no vodka to drink. Nope, I'm just here to be the human pacifier. Or so thinks the Goose aka C.E.O. of Booby Clip Duo, Inc.

Sometimes she doesn't even want to nurse, she just want to have her hands on them to make sure that they're not going to go off and play with other children or go to work or clean the house or pursue their own interests or go on a vodka bender downtown. She keeps on tight leash on lefty or righty.

Sometimes I get really frustrated about her sudden need for all things booby but then I think about the kids who take a paci or bottles and can keep them with them and fulfill their sucking needs beyond infancy and no one bats an eye. Life sure must be easy for those kids. While I'm not about to become the human paci 24 hours a day, I do try to allow her a lot of freedom in meeting her sucking needs because I know the only reason at this age I would limit her sucking is because I'm what she is sucking and that's not fair.

We just have to meet in the middle and the middle is far, far away from the Booby Clip Duo.

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