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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Five years of Service

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In addition to receiving my five year service award last night (the watch, not the ring... or the hairy forearm), I danced the funky chicken, competed in a limbo contest, a twist contest, and a ball contest (ball contest is where you and your partner dance while keeping a ball between you), and twirled our hospital administrator around the dance floor by his necktie to the tune of YMCA.

I got robbed. I totally would have won the limbo if "ability to flash one's beaver" was past of our annual evaluations and I came in second in the twist contest but only because I was up against the director of Human Resources and hello, what unemployment-fearing soul wouldn't choose him over me? Of course, once I got tired of doing the twist I started doing the running man. Twist.. running man... whatevah. I also came in second during the ball contest but only because it was taking too long and DJ was anxious to wrap things up. One of the directors came up to me at the end of the night because he totally agreed that I was robbed and gave me his door prize- a $50 gift Card to Bi-Lo.

Although I came in second during the ball contest, I definitely came in first in inciting many lesbian fantasies. My partner during the ball dance was one of my favorite coworkers who also happen to be one incredibly hot blonde. As soon as the dance started we almost dropped the ball and by going down as low as we could go, we caught the ball between our crotches and wound up dancing like that most of the time. We worked the ball back up and then were pretty much boob to boob with it. Turns out it was a good thing that I didn't wear the green dress because "ability to flash one's boobages" is not part of our annual evaluations, either.

Alas, no pictures. The husband was busy at the bar watching WVU defeat Rutgers in triple overtime (can I get a hells yeah) but when I was doing the lesbian waltz ball dance, I was nearly blinded by all the flashes so I'm sure in due time I will have plenty of photos of shaking what my mama gave me in front of the people I have to face tomorrow morning at 8 am.


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Blogger Vienna said...

HA! That is all, hussy! LOL.

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