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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Holy crap

Ok, so maybe not holy but CRAP! And lots of it!!

I was vacuuming upstairs this morning and like always, the Goose stood in the foyer at the gate at the bottom of the stairs fussing and waiting impatiently for me to finish. I finished vacuuming and started down the stairs and about halfway down it hit me: the smell. Immediately I saw it. I will spare you the description but all I can say is thank goodness I picked that time to vacuum upstairs because that forced Grace to stay not only in one place, but also in one of the only uncarpeted areas in the house.

I ran the rest of the way down- totally freaking Grace out in the process- and she began crying and wailing "pooooooop!!!! Poooooooooooop!!! Poooooooooooooooooo Poooooooooooooo!!!". Tell me about it. All she had to do was crap it, I had to clean it. As the person who has to clean the mess up, I'm the one who should be crying and wailing "POOOOOOOP!"

I tossed her in the bathtub and she began sobbing for Moe, the gloworm she sleeps with every night. "MOOOOOOOOOEEEEE! MOOOOOOOEEEEEEE! WANT MOOOOOOOEEEEEE" Right, because we all know the musical gloworm is the one who has been cleaning up all her puke and poop for the past 48 hours. I mean, makes perfect sense he should receive all the glory.

I went ahead and put her down for her nap even though it is early for her usual nap. I'm hoping she still sleeps a good couple of hours. I came downstairs to a Gavin who is complaining that he doesn't want to eat lunch because he doesn't feel well.

Before Poopstock and Gavin's recent claims of feeling sick, I had planned on doing a blog post about how everyone is feeling better and how my resolve to only have two children has been further strengthened by the events of Friday night and now? You get a blog post about my baby girl's butt exploding all over my foyer and how my resolve to only have two shildren has REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY been strengthened by the events of this weekend.

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Anonymous karrie said...

Ugh. Poor Grace. Poor Amanda.

Although at this point I'm so desperate for Max to take a shit, that I would welcome a case of the galloping trots.

7:20 PM  
Blogger Maria P. said...

I feel your pain. (((((((((((hugs))))))))))))

12:54 AM  
Blogger Amanda. said...

Thanks... is it wrong for me to be HAPPY that I'm at work right now???

8:00 AM  

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