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Sunday, October 08, 2006

In the wild

In an attempt to make our neighborhood a happier and more fun place to be, the homeowner's association decided to start a little game. Oh that cooky homeowner's association; always up to wild and crazy things like playing games and taking $200.00 from us and not doing a damn thing. Gotta love 'em!

The game really isn't much of a game but rather sticking two flamingos in your frontyard. Then, someone is supposed to take the flamingos and put them in their yard until someone else comes and takes the flamingos and puts them in their yard. Whoever has the flamingos is "supposed to take good care of them!". HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! My side! It hurts from laughing so much!! Two plastic flamingos going from yard to yard to yard!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I can't take it!! Really, people, you all should give your homeowner's association $200.00 so you can see flamingos go from yard to yard to yard! I mean, come on! Who really needs the homeowner's addociation to do anything else? The fun I have had over the past few months watching the flamingos move from house to house is well worth going without food for a month!

Every night when I'm going on my walk I'm all "kids, looky there! Well I'll be! It's two plastic flamingos!!" We have such a good time looking at the flamingos and wondering where those crazy flamingos will turn up next that I've pretty much forgotten about the the homeowner's association meeting where grown adults yelled obsenities at other grown adults in front of children and neighbors sticking signs up in front of their house to declare their hate for another neighbor using incorrect grammar and really, with two flamingos moving from house to house and brightening all of our days, do we really need to care if people stop at a school bus' stop sign or not?

Well, finally, my prayers have been answered and the flamingos have turned up on my end of the neighborhood. My kids have been in love with them ever since they showed up and they always run across the street to pet the flamingos and Grace points and yells "CAT!". Three teenage boys live in the house where the flamingos are hanging and either those boys have a sense of humor after my own heart or there is some kind of flamingo aphrodisiac in their grass but last night, the flamingos were... ahem... having wild and crazy flamingo love right there in the front yard for all to see.

Not exactly $200 funny but still, pretty damn funny.
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You know what they always say; like moths to a flame, so is a goose to humping flamingos.
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Blogger karrie said...

Oh, I think you need to have some fun with these flamingos. Dress them in gauchos or hang cigars from their beaks.

9:23 AM  

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